EV and Hybrid

Welcome to AAK Auto Services, proudly affiliated with the NexDrive EV/Hybrid garage network, your reliable provider for electric and hybrid vehicle servicing.

Why NexDrive?

NexDrive is an exclusive network of independent workshops, staffed by NexDrive IMI-certified technicians who excel in electric and hybrid vehicle maintenance. When you choose NexDrive, you’re choosing expert care, down to the smallest detail.

Preserving Your Warranty

Your manufacturer’s warranty is crucial, and with NexDrive, it stays intact. Our technicians follow manufacturer-recommended procedures and use approved parts, ensuring your vehicle remains under warranty.

AAK are proud to be the first garage in the UK to be recruited into the NexDrive Network on 22.11.2022!

Equipped for Success

Electric and hybrid vehicles require specialized tools and equipment. NexDrive equips our technicians with the latest tools, guaranteeing safe and efficient repairs.

AAK Auto Services: Your EV/Hybrid Experts

At AAK Auto Services, our NexDrive-certified technicians are ready for all your electric and hybrid vehicle needs. Trust us for routine maintenance, battery care, and troubleshooting. We deliver top-notch service, preserving your warranty and ensuring your vehicle runs at its best.

A Porsche EV undergoing maintenence

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