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Vehicle maintenance is essential to keep your car running smoothly and safely. In the United Kingdom, once your car reaches three years of age (four years in Northern Ireland), it is legally required to undergo an annual test to ensure it meets road safety and environmental standards.

This test, commonly known as an ‘MOT,’ is mandated by the Ministry of Transport. At AAK, we are your go-to destination for professional MOT testing.

AAK perform MOTs on Class 4 and Class 7 vehicles

What is an MOT?

The MOT test is a comprehensive examination of your vehicle’s roadworthiness and adherence to environmental standards. At AAK, our MOT tests encompass dozens of meticulous checks on your vehicle. These checks span from critical components like the brakes and fuel system to vital safety features such as lights, mirrors, seatbelts, windscreen wipers, and the exhaust system.

AAK’s Expertise in MOT Testing

At AAK Autoservices, we pride ourselves on our expertise in MOT testing. We are equipped to perform MOT tests for both Class 4 and Class 7 vehicles, ensuring that your car complies with the necessary standards.

Class 4 Vehicles Include:

  • 3-wheeled vehicles (over 450kg unladen weight)
  • Cars (up to 8 passenger seats)
  • Motor caravans
  • Quads (max unladen weight 400kg – for goods vehicles and a max net power of 15kb)
  • Dual-purpose vehicles
  • Private hire and public service vehicles (up to 8 seats)
  • Ambulances and taxis
  • Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (9-12 passenger seats)
  • Goods vehicles (up to 3,000kg design gross weight)

Class 7 Vehicles Include:

  • Goods vehicles (over 3,000kg up to 3,500kg design gross weight)

Why Choose AAK for Your MOT Test?

At AAK, we understand the importance of a reliable and professional MOT test.

Our team of experienced technicians utilizes advanced equipment to ensure the accuracy and thoroughness of each assessment. We aim to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle has passed the rigorous MOT examination.

Don’t wait until your MOT deadline approaches. Schedule your MOT test at AAK Autoservices today and enjoy the benefits of a safer, more environmentally friendly, and roadworthy vehicle.

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